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address: 623 Keats Court, Palo Alto, CA 94303-4732
phone: 650-862-8667

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What I've Done and Where
(aka Experience)

Facebook -- Palo Alto, CA (08/2007 to present)

Contractor - Applying my IT knowledge and attention to detail to fixed asset reconciliation project.

Code Green Networks -- Santa Clara, CA (12/2006 to 07/2007)

IT and Operations Manager

IT: Responsible for all user support (account creation/deletion, machine setup, troubleshooting, ShoreTel/Shoreline phone setup/maintenance, printer maintenance, day-to-day support). Created standardized setup for desktop and laptop systems, burned Ghost images to streamline and simplify process. Maintained phone system and punchdowns; shared network and infrastructure maintenance responsibilities. Created and documented detailed standardized processes for new system setup, fixed asset tracking, new user setup, and drafted corporate access policy. Primary facilities contact, responsible for monthly audit of access cards for building management. Worked closely with Finance department, assisting with procedures, financial software, fixed asset flow and tracking. Designed corporate forms for equipment transfer, loan, and disposal.

Operations: Responsible for all aspects of manufacturing, including ordering base systems from vendor and maintaining inventory based on sales forecasts, working with manufacturers on custom bezels/logos/stickers, customizing systems with labels and stickers, installing and testing company software, printing/assembling documentation, printing/burning CDs to ship with product, assembling final boxed product, coordinating shipment of orders, communicating with sales reps regarding order status, updating Finance/Manufacturing FileMaker databases, arranging vendor hardware support as needed, coordinating with Professional Services for beta units. Primary Facilities contact; worked with building security to maintain and audit building access cards.

ActivIdentity (formerly ActivCard, Inc.) -- Fremont, CA (06/2002 to 04/2006)

IT Helpdesk Manager

Responsible for all internal helpdesk functions for North America, covering all “cradle to grave” user support (after 2004, was only helpdesk support person for North America). Worked with HR from first notice of hire, created all accounts (including building access and phone), allocated/ordered hardware as needed. Configured all new user systems; created documented process to standardize configuration. Maintained phone system, recorded company greetings. Handled all IT aspects of termination, including accounts, phone, mobile devices, facilities. Dispatched and monitored worldwide helpdesk cases, coordinated with worldwide IT staff to ensure timely follow-through and resolution. Worked with all departments in company to keep things flowing as smoothly as possible. Responsible for IT stock procurement (including all laptops for North America), repair and support of printers and copiers. Responsible for quarterly helpdesk- and facilities-related Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) audit compliance and documentation. Researched and implemented helpdesk software on very limited budget; documented and defined procedures and standards in use within department and company in general; headed up project to provide new ID badges with physical and network access capability for entire company worldwide.

Siebel Systems, Inc. / OnLink Technologies, Inc. -- San Mateo / Redwood City, CA (06/1999 to 03/2001)

(OnLink Technologies, Inc. was purchased by Siebel Systems in October 2000)

Technical Writer (09/1999 to 03/2001)

Completed high priority Migration Guide for flagship product release under extremely tight deadline. Wrote readme file and installation chapter for a product which allowed automatic updates to commerce sites from enterprise data. Worked closely with lead engineer on Programmer's Guide and Reference Manual for the same product. Worked with another writer to produce user documentation for 1.0 product involving tracking and compiling user activity during an online shopping session. Maintained and updated FrameMaker templates for the department; prepared PDF and PostScript files for distribution and printing. Created departmental "how to" documents for various procedures, including burning PDF/PS files, creating a new FrameMaker book using department templates, and setting up printers properly for FrameMaker. Main technical contact for tech pubs departmentand responsible for maintaining the tech pubs "test" machine for all revs of software being developed.

Lead Systems Administrator (06/1999 to 09/1999)

Created "how to" documents for user and departmental use. Trained new employees on use of hardware and software; supported existing employees, both local and remote. Worked to standardize hire and termination processes, created forms for use by IT and HR departments. Helped maintain corporate website.

Calico Technology, Inc. -- San Jose, CA (03/1998 to 12/1998)

Lead Systems Analyst (09/1998 to 12/1998)

All duties listed below, as well as additional duties added as Lead, including: tracking, ordering, reclaiming of user machines. Worked with IT Manager to define IT Helpdesk roles, response time policy, after-hours coverage. Created more efficient way of monitoring and tracking incoming helpdesk issues using existing software licenses. Trained new IT hires.

Systems Analyst (03/1998 to 09/1998)

Trained new hires on software and hardware being provided. Created and maintained multiple "how to" documents on a variety of subjects, including voicemail, email, setting up printers, and creating shortcuts. Created forms for new hire account creation, machine dispersal and tracking, account termination, and asset retrieval. Documented and refined procedures for IT new hire process. Internal user support for all user software, hardware, and accounts.

FirstFloor Software, Inc. -- Mountain View, CA (02/1997 to 03/1998)

Systems Administrator (05/1997 to 03/1998)

Systems duties as listed below, as well as: creating and maintaining "how to" documents for company and department use. Creation of forms used by Finance, HR, and IS departments. Maintenance of all employee accounts (creation, change, deletion). Worked with consulting company regarding redesign of corporate website, implementing changes successfully in extremely tight timeframe.

Systems Administrator / Technical Support (02/1997 to 05/1997)

Systems: Internal user support on Windows NT and 95 platforms and applications; PC maintenance, support, and configuration. Maintained backups for all crucial systems. Helped maintain corporate website and manage UNIX systems for company. Updated and maintained voicemail and PBX systems. Initial setup of new employee accounts and machines.

Tech Support: Supported users by phone, email, and web-based discussion forums. Troubleshot user problems, worked with QA to find solutions or work-arounds. Part of Beta Support Team, responsible for internal testing and installation of beta software, and supporting beta customers in installation and follow-through.

AGI [Avcom Group Inc.] -- Santa Clara, CA / Mountain View, CA (06/1996 to 01/1997)

Integration Manager -- AGI (09/1996 to 01/1997)

Supervised integration and shipping/receiving for five separate business units covering SGI, DEC, and HP systems running UNIX/IRIX, Windows NT 3.51/4.0, and Windows 95. Acted as systems backup and local contact for systems questions and issues.

Systems Integrator -- Webfactory, an AGI company (06/1996 to 09/1996)

Organized integration center and performed integration on SGI systems, hardware, and peripherals.

Hummingbird Communications, Inc. -- Mountain View, CA (05/1995 to 04/1996)

Office Administrator/Local Systems Contact

FTP Software, Inc. -- Santa Clara, CA / San Francisco, CA (09/1991 to 05/1995)

Sales Operations Supervisor & Corporate Sales Support (03/1994 to 05/1995)
Corporate Sales Support (12/1993 to 05/1995)
West Coast Sales Support (01/1992 to 12/1993)
Receptionist (09/1991 to 01/1992)



What I Know
(aka Skills/Interests)

Extensive experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory, Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98, 95, and even 3.11 (those were the days); familiar with UNIX, had some Macintosh experience once upon a time. Very familiar with Microsoft Office 2007/2003/2000 (and earlier), Adobe FrameMaker, Paint Shop Pro. Experience with SmartCard and token technology and related NT/RAS/RADIUS/multi-factor authentication. Years of using ShoreTel’s Shoreline VoIP software (pretty nifty stuff).

Lots of time spent with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, server and client sides. Knowledge of email, Windows networking, TCP/IP, networking, et cetera. Very comfortable with Internet technology (browsers, FTP, telnet), slightly-more-than-basic experience with website creation and maintenance, including tables, frames, et cetera.

Gadget geek, familiar with Blackberries, Treos, and other smart phones and nifty handheld devices (currently carrying a Windows Mobile device of my very own).

Miscellaneous/random facilities knowledge, including ID badge creation and printing, HID building access administration, printer leasing and maintenance, the one who got the midnight calls when an engineer accidentally sets off the building alarm, and so on.

Enjoy reading, hiking, geocaching, movies, sleeping, science fiction/fantasy. Not afraid of machines that go bing. If you've read this far, send me email and let me know. If you get the “bing” reference, definitely let me know.



What I Want
(aka Objective)

To continue my career in user support, making use of my tech pubs, IT, and user advocate background to make life easier and more efficient for users in all departments, for cohorts in departments that work hand in hand with IT, and for the IT folks themselves (and hopefully have some fun and learn good things while I'm at it).



Who Likes Me
(aka References)

Available upon request.